Travelling with Infants or Toddlers in Summers

Summers are here and everyone is gearing up for the summer holidays.As you all know we too went to Jaipur for a short stay.And if the kid is not comfortable ,travelling is excruciatingly irksome.So to make your travel smooth and memorable,Mommies I am sharing some tips and tricks that I followed while travelling with my little one.These were of great help to me.Hope you find it helping too

1.Make sure the baby is well hydrated on the go.So keep plenty of fluids in your bags.

2.Do not over feed the baby while travelling.He/She might vomit otherwise.

3.Keep short healthy meals in your bags which are filling and easy to digest.I took some peanut crunchy laddoos with me.

4.Make sure to apply ample of moisturizing sunscreen on the baby’s body.Their skin may easily get chapped due to exposure to this sun.

5.Dress up the baby in comfortable cotton clothes.I made li’l K wear sleeveless onesies.

6.Don’t forget to carry a diaper rash cream along with you.Babies could easily get diaper rashes in this summer.

7.Change their diapers frequently then their regular timings to avoid bacterial infection and rashes.

8.If you are travelling for long hours and taking home cooked meal or milk with you.Please check before feeding.I just took just one bottle of milk for immediate feeding and for other times,I took the fresh milk from good restaurants on the highways.You can prefer to take milk powders or tetra packs for milks and for solids you can take instant foods like cerelac.

9. Every time we halted at the restaurant highway,I got his bottle washed from hot water.

10.Also,if you are travelling by the personal transport,make sure you travel at his sleeping time.

11.Wear premium soft diapers to the babies because it has more absorbent and is more soft to wear.Chances of getting rashes from the sweat are really less.

12.Don’t forget to carry baby gears like baby seat and strollers.

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