Babies and Mothers grow at different rates and that’s OKAY!

We often tend to compare our children with their peers or cousins based on their activity level,their behavior in public,their learning, their health.Not only we as a parent , in fact in some families, the members too start doing this inevitable comparison between two children of similar age bought up in similar environment.Not only this,elderly people start comparing the mothers too.

But my question is

“Is this comparison justified?”

“Does this means who started late is not that bright or will be slow in all activities?”

We all neglect that every baby is different and has a different growth rate.These development milestones are a big window of time.

If we talk about health,it may be necessary that one baby is gaining height while the other is gaining weight or might be possible that one is fond of food while the other is not.If we talk about walking and talking,it might be possible that one is working on her motor skills first while the other is working on her verbal skills first.

Amidst the comparison between children,mothers are too dragged in the process.It is an easy thing to do,though!But motherhood is an experience.It takes immense stamina and efforts to handle these naughty toddlers.Every mother is making adjustments.There may be some who have given up their minting money jobs or there may be some who have given up their passion to follow their children dreams.Like the children,mothers too are learning new ways to deal with the tantrums and budding emotions of their little moppets everyday. Managing work,home,kids,family all at once isn’t that easy. Isn’t it,Yeah?Every mother wants the best for her child.So her efforts should be appreciated rather than criticized.

Remember that comparing two children or your child with his peer does not only create a peer pressure on him but also fills in negative emotions like anger,jealousy which will later on be inculcated in him as a habitual practice. There’s nothing to worry about if your baby is hitting their important milestones within a period that your pediatrician is happy with — not at the same time as your friends’ or relatives’ babies. 

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