The right age to send a child to school

Hey Lovelies!

You all must have experienced this once in your life. I have recently started sending Kiaan to child care. I took this bold decision as the morning hours are the busiest hours for a homemaker. In an attempt to keep the other members of the family happy, the child is left unattended. With these nannies in demand, even the inexperienced ones are charging a bomb(so cool naa….even engineers don’t get their choicest salaries easily) and I did not want to pay them for their stupid tantrums.

My decision to send him to childcare near my home was just to make him prep for his main school. Some say he is too small for the school and some say it’s a good and wise decision. But I think going there would make him learn a few important things:

  1. Adjusting in society, making new friends.
  2. Preparing the mind for the main school.
  3. Basic etiquettes which his nanny would not have taught him.
  4. Some oral learnings as he hasn’t started speaking yet.

How many of you have taken such decisions for their toddlers? What do you think is the right age to send the child to school?

Would love to hear your opinion on this topic.

Much Love,


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