Home remedies for Cold & Cough

Ah! the joy of winters for some more days !!


Since this weather is playing such an on and off so this nasty weather can also take the best of your li’l one. I and my li’l K are under the weather from past one week. This constant cough, cold and flu fever has stopped us in our tracks seriously.

Master K has been given some medications but apart from that, I have been following some home remedies to relieve him from this hacking chest congestion. Sharing those remedies with you all my mommy friends

1.Desi Ghee and Rock Salt:Take a spoon of ghee and a pinch of rock salt or sendha namak as popularly called. Heat it a little. Make sure it is not hot enough. Rub it on the chest, throat, and nose as it will let the phlegm/mucus to melt. But make sure that the child is covered and is not exposed to this cold air post this remedy. I prefer to do it when Kiaan is sleepy enough so that he sleeps and rest. Believe me, it’s quite effective.

2.Herbal Kadaa: Take some tulsi leaves, some fennel seeds(saunf), big cardamom(moti elaichi), some giloi as it is a good anti-biotic, ginger. Boil it all .Give it frequently.

3.Steam with Ajwain Water: Put ajwain in the steamer and give steam. It helps to loosen the mucus. Really effective for chest congestion. You can also put some drops of eucalyptus oil.

4.Garlic cloves and Ajwain seeds: Roast 2- 3 garlic cloves and ajwain. Put it in a muslin cloth to make a potli or thin pouch. Rub it on baby’s chest and feet . This remedy could be followed for newborn babies as even Vicks Vaporub is not allowed for such little babies.

5.Turmeric Milk:As it is said by our elders even by the doctors not to give white milk to the baby in case of chest congestion so it is good to give turmeric milk instead. Boil the milk with raw turmeric, cool it a little and then feed the baby. You can add honey to taste.

Make sure after following any of these remedies baby doesn’t go out in the cold weather. I follow these recipes even for my husband. Hope you find these remedies effective if suffering from cold or chest congestion.



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