Breastfeeding: A gold for Moms & Babies

Hi Mommies!

I wasn’t much aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. During preggo days, I felt rather awkward thinking how would I breastfeed my baby in a public place or while traveling with him. Only after his birth, I came to know some added advantages of breast milk. After knowing the importance of these “drops of gold”, I gained the confidence and promised myself to breastfeed him at least for a year no matter what.NO COMPROMISES WHEN IT COMES TO “Baby’s health”.

I still feed my little one who is 15 months old now. OUCHH…….it has some disadvantages also now as he has his pearly whites but in spite of all, not thinking of giving up yet. Well! His pediatrician plays an important role in motivating me for doing so though as she always tells me rather than asking that you are breastfeeding him naa…..

Let me share you some points which motivates me to breastfeed him still:

  1. Superior nutrition. There are certain healthy things which my baby can’t eat(swallow or chew) or can’t be given directly to him. But he can enjoy its benefits in the form of breast milk.
  2. Babies have immunity in the developing mode initially post birth so he may catch infection easily from an unsterile bottle or unpasteurized cow or buffalo milk so this milk is the best option as it is sterile and increases resistance to infections and therefore fewer incidents of illness and hospitalization.
  3. It is easy to carry while on the go (lol) as compared to other forms of milk.
  4. Breastfeeding has not only an advantage for babies but also for the feeding mothers. It helps in shedding those extra laddoo weight gained postpartum. I seriously got benefited from it.
  5. It also helps in babies healthier growth as top feeds could cause obesity in babies.
  6. Lastly, he relishes it more than any other meal which satisfies my “mother-soul” to the core.

Here, I shared my reasons for breastfeeding my baby. I would love to know for how long you breastfed your baby and what was your strong motivation to do so.



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