Nutritional Advice For Kids

You can’t understand the value of nutritional food well until you become a mother. With today’s kids who are such fussy eaters, it’s important that they are served a balanced diet with the right amount and the right time.

Here is some advice that my doctor has given me for Mr Li’l K.

  • We believe feeding more food would make them healthy. But in reality, it will only increase the fat content in the babies body. It’s really important that kids play, run and exercise more to build muscle mass. Encourage the li’l ones to do so.
  • We emphasize more on eating wheat ‘Rotis’ and rice but we should also focus that they consume daals and leafy veggies as well too.
  • Add a spoon of ghee to each feed. It has such good fats and highly essential for kids. In fact, now 2 spoons of ghee a day are advisable even to elders. To enjoy the benefits, it’s best to add ghee over the boiled daal.
  • Milk has some B12. It is more in curds. I prefer giving a freshly homemade curd. I use earthen pot to make curd as the curd stays little sweet.
  • Increase the intake of iron by using iron vessels for cooking.
  • Increase folic acid intake by eating more leafy vegetables. I prefer giving it in form of soups.
  • Today almost everyone is deficient in vitamin D.Increase vitamin D by right exposure to sunlight. This job at my home is done well by Kiaan’s Dadu as he loves taking Kiaan for morning walks every day.



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