Hi, You All Lovely Mommies!

Welcome to my blog. This blog is as special to me as my journey of motherhood.


I am an IT engineer with a masters in Marketing and working as a Digital Marketing Executive. I am a mother to a year old beautiful baby.


Raising a child is not an easy peasy job. Every day ever since you have the baby in your womb, you experience something special, something new every day and this feeling is something magical. If asked from any couple the best moment of their life, forget the honeymoon phase, I am sure it would be something related to the birth of a child.So with this platform, you all can find information related to our very special ones, our babies.

I believe as every child is different so is the parenting style. It would be great to listen to some more amazing stories from some more supermoms. If you have some story to share, drop me a mail at contact.themomexpress.com